The first CHOICE regarding relocations

There are numerous reasons for putting all or part of your household goods into storage, such as when your home is not immediately available for occupation, or needs renovation, or because of an extended stay abroad.

In every case WAHL can store your goods carefully and securely. We can keep your valuable property dry and protected from dust in massive, secure warehouses. We can pack everything in your home numbering and listing the items.They are all available to you at any time, either as a whole or partially.

We offer to you:

Wahl movings Frankfurt Main We recommend storage in wooden or steel containers
  The same containers that were loaded at your home are then returned to you, thus ensuring security and cost effectiveness.

Wahl movings Frankfurt Main Securtiy and Cost Effectiveness
  Files and archives of government departments, commerce and industry can also be stored discreetly and confidentially in sealed containers, the contents being numbered, registered and secured, with access being available at any time upon request.

Wahl movings Frankfurt Main Pictures, Antiques and Objects of Art
  We do not just store household goods and office equipment but also valuable pictures, antiques and objects of art, and, because WAHL maintains the strictest security measures, insurance cover can be obtained at favourable terms.