Company relocation

The first CHOICE regarding relocations

Organizing an company relocation without interrupting business is the challenge WAHL regularly meets.
In fact, depending on the size of the move, we can supply up to fifty professionals as well as numerous vehicles, even over the weekend. Thanks to these means, we can guarantee quality services within rapid deadlines and no off time.

WAHL's professionals are also experienced in office moves, whether internal, external, or destined for storage. Cooperating as a team, our movers organize your company relocation with the help of their supervisor with both discretion and efficiency.

In order to guarantee the safest transport possible WAHL uses:

Wahl movings Frankfurt Main Specifically adapted materials
  sealed bins that can be protected with lead for the transport of confidential documents
  specially designed bins for computers
  and foam-reinforced crates and suitcases for dishes and fragile objects

Wahl movings Frankfurt Main A solution for all your needs
Upon simple request, we can install protective surfaces over floors, doorjambs, stairs and elevators. For electric and computer installations, we can mandate specialized professionals.